Hi, I'm Erika Tomes!


N'Joyin it
N’Joyin it is a space-themed candy brand store. This project is intended to demonstrate how my style of illustration could be used in a packaging scenario.
Sojourn is a monthly magazine subscription that showcases a different country each month. This specific design shows articles about Greece and specifically utilizes layout design.
The Lazy Ghost
The Lazy Ghost is a bar and restaurant that utilizes illustration and layout design. This project captures my illustration skills and shows how playful any brand can be. The branding can be sophisticated and playful, either using the drink characters, or just typography.
Seaside Haven
Seaside Haven is a bed and breakfast brand concept that combines the professional aspect a bed and breakfast should have with showcasing a fun aspect of that branding on social media to attract an audience.
Sprouted Serenity
Sprouted Serenity is a non-profit concept project that had a lot of research go into it to create a branding that was cohesive to the goal of the non-profit itself. This non-profit focuses on healthy eating and teaching communities to eat healthier and how they can grow their own healthy food. This non-profit teaches one how to self sustain while also helping the Earth and how to be more environmentally friendly.
This project is a sample of work I completed while interning for the Wilkes Marketing Department.
Sordoni Art Gallery
As a member of the Sordoni Art Gallery, we work on a team to create work that varies from posters, postcards, and programs, to digital graphics on social media and animations.
Silly Billies
Silly Billies is a kids clothing brand that I collaborated with McKenna Dolan on and it was all about designing something that can be inclusive and show both our skillsets, my illustrations, and McKenna’s app designs.
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